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Forever Clear BBL

Your Acne Solution:

Forever Clear BBL

Have you tried numerous methods to get acne under control? Are you unhappy with your previous acne treatments? Have over-the-counter drugs, creams, and other remedies disappointed you? If so, it is time to give us a call for brighter skin with a few treatments using Forever Clear BBL.

Forever Clear BBL is a cutting-edge acne cure that uses the power of light to clear acne without creams or medicine. The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device supplies energy deep into your skin to regenerate your skin cells, leaving you with pure, healthful, and radiant skin.

The Forever Clear BBL is the right treatment for both men and women of all ages struggling with acne. The most common areas where acne appears are the face, neck, and back, but the Forever Clear BBL device can address most parts of the body and is an effective, safe, quick, and comfortable solution.

What happens during the Forever Clear BBL treatment?

Forever Clear BBL is suitable for almost everyone. Here at Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center, your healthcare provider will review your medical history, present medical condition, and allergies (if any) to ascertain whether you are an ideal candidate or not. A physical examination of your skin is also conducted to understand the depth of the damage and determine the number of sessions needed.

Forever Clear BBL is a non-invasive treatment that is also quite gentle and safe. Your healthcare provider will brief you about the procedure before the process begins. During the procedure, the targeted area is cleaned with an antiseptic. You will then receive goggles or safety shields to safeguard your eyes from the intensity of the laser.

The Forever Clear BBL treatment does not cause any pain, but mild discomfort is common, as in most procedures. You may be offered a topical anesthetic cream, depending on the severity of the acne.

After the area is numbed, the Forever Clear BBL device is passed over the skin. It has three filters and goes through a three-step process that targets the acne.

The number of treatments that you will need depends on the extent of damage to the skin. At our clinic, every treatment is personalized according to the patient’s requirements.

  • In Step 1, your skin is treated with blue BBL light, which eliminates bacteria that causes acne from deep down in the pores.
  • In Step 2, the skin is treated with yellow BBL light, which reduces inflammation and acne-associated redness and gives you healthy and luminous skin.
  • In Step 3, the skin is treated with SkinTyte II using infra-red light and rapid yet gentle pulses to kickstart the body’s natural healing process.



What to expect after the treatment?

Typically, there is no downtime associated with the treatment. Most patients get back to wearing make-up and carrying out day-to-day activities right away. Immediately after the session, you may experience some redness, which reduces within a few hours.

Once the redness recedes, you will notice that the treated area has fewer pores and the skin looks clear. You will be asked to avoid direct sunlight and also refrain from using sunscreen for a while.

A dedicated healthcare provider at Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center will give you a comprehensive aftercare routine to be followed precisely for at least one week after the operation. For more information, give us a call and book an appointment.



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