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Age Spots/Pigmentation

How do Age Spots

come about?

Age spots typically develop as a result of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. They are usually the product of sun exposure, but tanning beds and other tanning equipment may also contribute to their development. By definition, age spots are not cancerous and present no physical health problems, but they can be a cosmetic concern.

However, for cosmetic purposes, the practitioners at Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center are experts in treating age spots. By offering a full array of cutting-edge treatment, we can help you to reduce or eliminate unwanted age spots. If you have age spots and are looking for cosmetic relief, we’ve got you covered.


In order to help you determine if you have age spots, please look through the following qualities:

  • Age spots primarily appear in areas that are most exposed to the sun, such as the arms, hands, shoulders and face.
  • They are usually seen in people with fair skin, although they can occur in patients with any color of skin.
  • They are seen as small ovals or circles of increased pigmentation, which simply means they are darker than the rest of the skin.
  • They are usually tan, brown or black and can be flat or raised.
  • Age spots can be as small as freckles, but they may grow to be as large as half an inch wide.
  • Further, they have a tendency to bunch together, increasing their visibility.



When patients come to us for treatment for age spots, we take a proactive approach towards helping them find cosmetic peace. Your age spot treatment will not only be delivered by some of the most skilled practitioners, it will also be done in a soothing, comfortable environment.

At Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center, we believe peace of mind is critical to the success of any treatment.

This is why we’ve taken every measure to make our facility safe, warm and comfortable. The moment you walk in, you will notice that each aspect of the environment is united towards your successful treatment. Everything from our friendly office staff, to our experienced practitioners to our state-of-the-art facility, is designed around providing the most comprehensive service available. It all goes towards providing the best age spot removal.

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At Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center, age spots treatment begins with understanding the needs of your skin, educating you on your condition and providing treatment options to attain healthy, clear skin. Your personalized treatment program is then developed, taking into account lifestyle, diet, habits, and past medical history. If you are experiencing age spots or another cosmetic condition that you would like to remedy, please give us a call to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you reach your cosmetic goals.

If you are uncertain that your condition is age spots, our providers have been in the cosmetic industry for decades, and can rapidly determine your exact condition. Once this is done, we can prescribe a precise, individual treatment program to reduce their appearance with effective age spot removal. If you feel you may have age spots and would like to learn more about treatment options, please call our office and set an appointment today.



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