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Revanesse® Lips+

Revanesse® Lips+:

Achieve your dream lips

Looking for the perfect dermal filler to plump up your lips? At Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center, we are committed to offering you advanced, minimally invasive, and highly effective cosmetic treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Our practice offers Maryland patients superior lip augmentation with Revanesse® Lips+, another innovation in the dermal filler line-up from Revanesse.

How does

Revanesse® Lips+ work?

Revanesse® Lips+ is formulated specifically to address concerns of thin, undefined, uneven, or aging lips. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in our skin and eyes. The bioactive substance helps maintain hydration, suppleness, and volume of the skin.

When injected into upper and lower lips in precise doses, the product adds fullness and volume to lips, enhancing their attractive, youthful look.

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The procedure

The first step to giving your lips a sensational transformation begins with booking a consultation with our highly experienced practitioner. Certified registered nurse practitioner, Gloria Peithman has over two decades of experience in administering safe, aesthetic treatments that yield stunning results.

She will evaluate your aesthetic concerns and determine your candidacy for Revanesse® Lips+. While most healthy adults over 22 are ideal candidates, the filler may not be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and people on blood-thinning medications. The expert practitioner then designs a personalized treatment plan with a specific dosage required to achieve natural and long-lasting fullness.

During the session, the aesthetician may apply a topical anesthetic to maximize comfort and then injects a precise dose of Revanesse® Lips+. You will be able to notice the voluminous lip shape after the treatment that appears natural and elegant.

What are

the benefits?

In our practitioner’s expert hands, Revanesse® Lips+ gives you multiple benefits including:

  • Fuller and evenly voluminous lips
  • Long-lasting results
  • Zero downtime
  • Optimum safety
  • Natural lip augmentation

Reach Out to Us Today

Chesapeake Laser and Skin Center has a reputation for expert and compassionate care. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions on Revanesse® Lips+ and the other aesthetic solutions we offer. Your dream of achieving sensual, fuller lips is just a phone call away. Book a consultation today at Chesapeake Laser and Skin Care Center today.



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